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Systems Development
C0 Compiler
December 2021
Compiler Development | OCaml
  • Designed and implemented a C0 compiler from scratch in OCaml, which includes a number of optimizations to ensure that the generated assembly code is comparable to GCC -O1 performance, including Register Allocation, Single Static Assignment, Constant / Copy Propagation, Dead Code Elimination, Dataflow Analysis, and more
x86-32 Kernel
April 2021
Operating System | C | x86-64 Assembly
  • Designed and implemented an x86-32 kernel from scratch in C, which supports context switching, interrupt handling, task and thread management, scheduling, virtual memory, synchronization primitives, and device drivers
Song List over Time - A System Synchronized with Raft
Dec 2018
Full-Stack Development | Golang
  • Built a distributed backend system from scratch and a frontend system in Golang with Iris web framework
  • Implemented the reliable replica synchronization strategy - Raft consensus algorithm
  • Handled concurrent requests reliably which is tested by Vegeta stress testing framework
Data Science
December 2020
Data Science | Visualization | Python
  • Visualized donation statistics from DonorsChoose.org to help further analysis on education donations
Computer Vision
Jan 2019 - May 2019
Image Segmentation | Python | Keras | U-Net
  • Built a 3D U-Net structure to process Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) data in Python with Keras framework
  • Implemented a sliding window approach to generate unique batches of training samples from only 15 available images
  • Utilized Dice Score loss function to achieve a model with 71% cross-validation accuracy
June 2017 - Aug 2017
Image Processing | Python | OpenCV
  • Analyzed low-contrast images with histogram and used OpenCV techniques to upsample images
  • Implemented a pixel-wise comparison algorithm between sample images and their corresponding reference images
  • Published a paper in Advanced Engineering Materials titled “Embedding tracking codes in additive manufactured parts for product authentication”
July 2015
Image Processing | Python | OpenCV
  • Developed a real-time object tracking system based on color
  • Enhanced tracking precision with noise removal method
Game Engineering
December 2019
C++ | OpenGL | glsl (OpenGL Shading Language)
  • Presented in-class about GLSL language and Computer Graphics
  • Demoed live to illustrate the ease of GLSL for visualization
December 2019
GameMakerStudio | Dungeon Game
  • Developed a dungeon game in a group of 3, featuring characters in the anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”
April 2018
C++ | OpenGL | Artificial Intelligence
  • Developed an interactive checker game with user interface created from scratch with OpenGL
  • Implemented Min-Max Search with Alpha-Beta Pruning algorithm for AI logic
April 2018
C++ | OpenGL | glsl (OpenGL Shading Language)
  • Developed a 2-player platformer game from scratch with OpenGL
  • Modified shader to display special lighting effect for the 2D game
May 2019
Data Structure | Visualization | JavaScript
  • Visualized Rank Pairing Heap (a heap data structure with optimal time complexity) in JavaScript